Why Work with a Buyer Agent?

  • The price is the same with or without a Realtor! The Builder pays commission from their marketing budget. Builders are not going to arbitrarily negotiate base price because it destroys pricing integrity of the community.
  • Don’t go it alone! I would represent YOU… remember, the on-site agent represents the Builder.
  • I can simplify your search because Builders keep us in-the-know of their “off MLS” opportunities.
  • I can save you time and in many cases MONEY as Builders keep us up-to-date with current Buyer’s specials and incentives.
  • I will act as liaison between the builder, lender, title and superintendent.
  • I will be there to guide you through all the vital steps of the home buying process from the very beginning through builder meetings, construction progress, pre-closing inspections, walk-throughs, and all the way to the closing table.