Why Work with a Buyer Agent?

  • Buyers who find it difficult to find just the right resale home, find new construction the best option. My office has a New Homes Division that specializes in new construction homes and keeps us up-to-date with new construction opportunities.
  • My job is to help you purchase a new home, at market price, that meets your needs and lifestyle, within your time frame and budget, with as little inconvenience to you as possible.
  • Don’t go it alone! I would represent YOU… remember, the on-site agent represents the Builder.
  • The price is the same with or without a Realtor! The Builder pays my commission from their marketing budget. Builders are not going to arbitrarily negotiate price because it affects appraisals of the entire property and destroys pricing integrity of the community.
  • I can simplify your search because Builders keep us in-the-know of their “off MLS” opportunities.
  • I can save you time and in many cases MONEY as Builders keep us up-to-date with current Buyer’s specials and incentives.
  • I will act as liaison between the builder, lender, title and superintendent.
  • I will be there to guide you through all the vital steps of the home buying process from the very beginning through builder meetings, construction progress, pre-closing inspections, walk-throughs, and all the way to the closing table.