Lease to Own

Prospective residents who might be right for the program:

  • First-time buyers who are cautious about buying a home now, but want to be able to purchase a home in the future
  • Potential homeowners who recently relocated and are unsure which neighborhood to live in
  • Potential homeowners who may not be mortgage ready, but who want to live in a community with great schools

Benefits for approved prospective residents:

  • Transparency – Upon entering this program, prospective residents are given the monthly lease and purchase price information each you for up to five years, so they can plan for the future.
  • Choices – Home Partners provides access to the MLS listings in the communities they serve, expanding prospective residents’ selection to all qualifying homes for sale.
  • Value – Home Partners uses their skill to purchase the home the prospective residents want, providing them with an affordable lease and a pre-set purchase price each year for us to five years. Also, there are no hidden fees or non-refundable deposits.
  • Control and Flexibility – Prospective tenants have the right to purchase the home at any time during their residency, at the pre-set price. If the home value appreciates above this price each year, they realize a financial benefit. If the value of the home appreciates at a lower level than the pre-set price or declines, they can choose not to renew their lease and walk away without penalty.